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Rank Structure

Lore of the Thornwatch

*Note: Ranking up is dictated by the Lords of the Thornwatch.

Main Play-Styles:

Champion: (specialty class) For the Jack-of-all-trades build and PVP specialists

Knight: Melée based players

Healer: Heal based players

Stealth: Stealth based players

Caster: Magic based players

Recruit: Initial entry status; here we figure out if the recruit is worthy to stay with us and what style he/she will play


Details and Rank System

Champion: The brutal specialists of PVP, these players live for player-on-player combat and excel in gear, strategy, and builds that support dominance in this play-style.  This player archetype also excels in PVE combat when using strategies, outside the realms of Knight tactics, ie ambush, Battle-Mage, Barbarian, Archer or other play-styles that do not fall into the Knight category. 

- Rank 1 = Skirmisher

- Rank 2 = Death Dealer

- Rank 3 = Champion Elite


Knight: These specialists deal in melee warfare and focus on PVE, but are not limited to just PVE.  Knights are on the front line and do their best in close quarter scenario combat.  Driven by loyalty to the guild and honor bound, Knights are the backbone of the Thornwatch.  The legendary 'Knight of the Thorn'

is a rank established by Lord-Commander Tenebris and each crowned member symbolizes his passion for the protection of  the Daggerfall Covenant and service to High King Emeric. 

- Rank 1 = Squire

- Rank 2 = Hedge Knight

- Rank 3 = Knight of the Thorn


Healer: These holy vigils either heal via magic derived from the gods or the earth.  Healers increase the life expectancy of Thornwatch members by buffing, healing, or resurrecting our fallen.  Healers have a part to play in both PVE and PVP as well as perform solo diplomatic/exploration missions.  The 'Priest of the Thorn' rank is the highest order and among the most revered across the Daggerfall Covenant. 

- Rank 1 = Vigil

- Rank 2 = Templar

- Rank 3 = Priest of the Thorn

Stealth: This play-style revolves around ambush, subterfuge and quick, high-

damage strikes to take out enemies in a hurry.  Useful in both PVP and PVE, these characters also excel in exploration and spy tactics employed both in and out of combat.  The "Shadow Master" is the most cunning and deadly rank of the Stealth play-style.  Employed by Lord-Commander Tenebris in only the most dire and extreme circumstances, Shadow Masters are sent on mission that would be considered "one-way'" to most adventures, but a norm to these stealth elites.  

- Rank 1 = Rogue

- Rank 2 = Ranger

- Rank 3 = Shadow Master

Caster: This play-style is for those who specialise in the Arcane arts. Whether it be destruction, illusion, alteration or conjuration these masters of magicka bring distance warfare, area-of-affect combat and crowd control to the fight.  Casters have a place in both PvE and PvP.  The "Mage of the Thorn" title can only be given to those who have complete and utter control/knowledge of the Arcane art.  Lord-Commander Tenebris, a wielder of Magic and Blade, understood early in his life the importance of Arcane study and mastering.  His development of the Mage of the Thorn rank has left him with powerful masters of the Arcane at his side and constantly teaching and development of the use of magic amongst the ranks of the Thornwatch. 

- Rank 1 = Inquisitor

- Rank 2 = Maester 

- Rank 3 = Mage of the Thorn

Guild Vault Access

Recruit = NONE

Rank 1 = Basic access, can deposit all items and withdraw only low-level items

Rank 2 = Advanced access, can deposit all items and withdraw all items minus RAID, PVP, HEROICS, or Epic gear/items (can borrow small amounts of gold)

Rank 3 = Full withdraw / deposit access (can borrow moderate amounts of gold)

Officers = Full withdraw / deposit access (can use gold as needed but must clear it with guild leaders)

"Back when High Rock was experiencing a boom of prosperity and peace, the need to allow new unmolested trade routes to open up arose. The peace between the Bretons and Redguards had ensured that no boycotts of trade in the waters were enforced, and so numbers of patrolling warships were  greatly reduced. Of course, the problem was not totally gone. Pirates had claimed the waters when patrols were cut; as both Hammerfell and High Rock felt enough trust in their allies to grow complacent in naval superiority. The islands around the region were left largely undefended, and at the mercy of the pirates. 

However, the pirates learned that swindling villagers was easier than swindling other pirates. A relatively small brigand of such men landed on an island the villagers called the Thorn, and settled there. They worked out fast that the only way to survive the few patrols that passed the Thorn was to claim that they protected the villagers. The captain of the men told the patrols that they were 'the Thorn's Watch', and then decided to adopt the name. Of course, the villagers didn't agree with the title, but they tended to be quiet about it.

Come 2E 565 the pirates, known now as the Thornwatch, were dug in deep in the Thorn; extorting the locals and raiding merchant vessels that passed by the Thorn. By chance, the 19 year-old ward of the man who would be crowned High King Emeric, Tenebris Amour, was passing the island when returning from his adoptive father's business. Naturally, the ship was captured and the entire crew put to the sword. The captain had died trying to protect the ward, who had killed two of the Thornwatch and burned another. The Commander of the Thornwatch had seen potential in the young spell-sword, and had allowed him to become one of the skirmishers. Tenebris saw this as an honourable task; to protect the island of Thorn from all who would bring her harm. However, when he saw a comrade beating a farmer half to death for not meeting his quota of grain for the month, he drew his bastard sword and skewered him.

He was praised glowingly by the islanders, but the Thornwatch was furious. He had turned against them, but if they executed him the townspeople might revolt and they would lose even more men. So the Commander had promoted him to his second-in-command. Though it may seem rash, this allowed the Thornwatch to have a better image with the islanders, who grumbled a little less and worked a little more. Around this time, as the respect for the young Tenebris grew among the locals, he met a young woman named Aimée. He was utterly captivated by her, and the feeling was mutual. They wed in secret, and soon she bore him a son. Sadly, she died in childbirth, which caused Tenebris to lose the passionate fury of his youth. He became more contemplative, quiet and ultimately more contained. However, he had a son. He named him Gardien, and taught him the ways of blade and honour that  he had been instilled with by Emeric.

In 2E 570, the Thornwatch were not as despised by the locals, and they actually protected them from other pirates and marauders. However, when the Commander was challenged by Tenebris Amour, now 25, about trying to negotiate an official contract with Emeric about helping the people of the Thorn for an honest wage. This did not appeal to the Commander, who was quite drunk by this stage in the night. Who drew first is unclear, but what is clear is that Tenebris Amour slew his superior, walked out of the his tent and declared to all the men that he was now in charge. None dared oppose him.

From there he turned the Thornwatch around; the extortion ended and he negotiated with the elders on the island about recieving compensations for actively defending them and linking them with the other islands of the region through trade. The deal was accepted, and the Thornwatch became a respected organisation. His son had grown greatly, and became more and mroe like his father every day. For the next 5 years the Thorn became a hub of commerce and the people there flourished. 

Of course, when High King Emeric heard that they were making huge profits without paying taxes to him he was irritated greatly, and he demanded that the de facto leader of the island come to Wayrest and pay homage to him. When Tenebris Amour arrived at Wayrest in Frostfall of 2E 578, the sight of him and his closest warriors terrified the nobles; one foppish Lord was known to collapse at the sight of his crimson-encrusted bastard sword. When Emeric saw who the Thorn's leader was, he immediately lost his anger at the lack of the Thorn paying taxes. In exchange for a Lordship, knighthoods for the officers and a pardon for all previous crimes, the Thornwatch were to transport their force to High Rock to fight for the King. Leaving a garrison at the Thorn commanded by his 19 year-old son, who had become a great warrior and leader, Lord-Commander Tenebris Amour and his knights set up a guildhall in Daggerfall, and began their campaign to keep the lands of High Rock safe, and when the horns of war blew for the infamous Alliance War in 2E 582, the Thornwatch readied their army in just one year. Aged 37, Tenebris Amour had thought that his best days of adventure were behind him.

As fate would have it, he was very wrong indeed."

Exerpt from The Islands of High Rock  -Odiva Gallwood