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Guild Charter

The following tenets must be followed in-full by all members. Failure to do so may result in court marshall.

I. Respect: All members must respect their comrades, and treat all equally. Etiquette must be observed in the presence of superior officers, and rank cannot be justification for belittling those in your command. Respect shall be shown for the most loyal of allies, and the most honourable of foes.

II. Honour: All members must demonstrate our strength of character through our ability to be seen as not only a superior fighting force than those we face, but one of a strict moral code that we live by and die by. If the Thornwatch are not better than our foes, then our fight is meaningless.

III. Cunning: To be the strongest force Tamriel has ever seen, all members must not only use physical and magical attributes, but also their mind. All members must demonstrate keen awareness of their battle situation, and be able to think quickly and with clarity.

IV. Duty: The job of the Thornwatch will never be easy. All must complete their tasks to the best of their abilties, and none may be set to an impossible task. All must be made to understand their role, and should perform it to and above the expectations of others.

V. Diligence: The most important tenet. To survive, every member must never grow complacent in their duties. Every job is there for a reason; guarding the privees is as important as guarding the Lord-Commander. Every cog must work together. None may shirk their duties.