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Who Among You Will Stand With Us?

A Call to Arms! 

     High King Emeric has called his banners and Lord Commander Tenebris intends to honor his oath to High Rock.  


The horns of war have blown, and the champions of the Thornwatch have come.  Heed the call, join the Thornwatch and prepare for the adventure of your life. 

Join now...

What to Expect...

During the pre-game wait the Thornwatch is accepting recruits and giving back.

The Thornwatch offers:

  • Elite leadership with deep MMO & TES backgrounds
  • A unique ranking system developed with a Role Play theme in mind
  • Unique lore corresponding to ESO lore
  • Unique avatar design for players who prove their worth

The Thornwatch is:

  • A role playing guild primarily on the EU server
  • English speaking & will use C3 voice chat in-game
  • Moderate PvE, PvP, RP, Crafting (But has elite players within the ranks for those who wish to turn gaming up a notch)
  • A friendly guild who accepts all who are willing to have fun, learn their play-style, and respect the rules

The rules of the Thornwatch:

  • Respect the rank system and let leadership know if someone is abusing it
  • Respect each other as, in the end, this is only a game
  • Help each other and ask questions if you do not know something; officers are here to help
  • Be mature; this is not a guild for young kids, rather a guild for mature roleplay immersion and fun

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