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23 years old
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Name is Simon, im 19 years old and from south Sweden .I love death metal. I've been playing mmo's for about 5-7 years but haven't roleplayed in any mmo except for SWtor. 
Ingame I'll play be the one who gets all the love from our enemies!

Character Biography:


Morthaal "Old Grog" Kharzum

On the 3rd of Frostfall 2E 533 Chief Morok of Largashbur had a son.

The little orc's name was Morthaal and would be the only son Morok would have. Growing up with a fondness for fighting and drinking, always outdrinking his tribesmen he became known as Grog, which later would turn into Old Grog.

All the orcs in Largashbur favored him over his father, unlike his father he was very easy to like but still very serious when it came to breaking the law. They knew he was gonna be a wise chief when it was his time to rule.

On his 33rd birthday, Morthaal challenged his father to a duel of leadership, not that he wanted to, but it was expected of him. It was quite an easy fight for Morthal, cause of the years and years of training with his father and his friend Gruub. He tried not to show grief for his father in front of the other orcs, but inside he was sad to have bested his father. Morthal was now the new Chieftain of Largashbur.

Morthaal would come to be a great but harsh Chief, following the "Code of Malacath" to its fullest. He loved punishing those who broke the code, but he was not evil.

Unlike all the chieftains before him he did not take any wifes and therefor did not have any children to take over his place as Chief.

In his final years as Chieftain, Morthaal had grown tired of only spending time in the stronghold, dreaming of a live outside the walls and exploring the world. So he handed over the title of Chieftain to his best friend Gruub to rule in his absence. In 2E 579, Morthaal left the tribe to learn more of the world.

He lived in a cabin in the woods for the following 3 years, working as a hunter for a butcherer in Riften. He often went to Riften to sit at the inn and drink, hoping to find another orc to become friends with or to take a wife, but luck was never on his side.

For 3 years he hadn't talked very much to anyone and started to get depressed and stopped going to Riften, which enchanced his love for reading books. He mostly read books about Orsinium but also books about all of Tamriel.

But one day when he had read all of his books, he decided to go into Riften to buy more as he heard some nords whispering of Molag Bal, he stopped for a minute to hear what they were saying, the nords said that the Daedric Prince was trying to bring Nirn into his plane of Oblivion.

After hearing of Molag Bal's evil plan, and High King Emeric grounding the Daggerfall Covenant, his depression was over and felt happy again. 'Old Grog saw it as a good oppurtunity to finally lay eyes upon the mighty city of Orsinium and Join his people in the War of the Ruby Throne.




In the year of 2840 in the First era, during the Four Score War, a dunmer woman gave birth to a boy, whose name would come to be Dreynis. Scared for their safety, the mother went on a boat to sail east, to the lands of High Rock. Leaving her beloved home in Morrowind so her son wouldn't grow up in a time of war. A few months later, they arrived in Wayrest.

The years where really hard on them, only living on scrapes, unlike what she was used to back in Morrowind. Some time later, Dreynis's mother caught the Red Rage. The red rage infected his mother so bad, that she was forced to leave her son at a orphanage, not able to tend to him herself. A few weeks later, the mother died. Luckily, Dreynis was treated quite well at the orphanage and grew up in it, not knowing who his family was.

When he was 24 years old, he decided to travel to Morrowind so he could find out about his mother, and the rest of his family. Since he was only a young boy when his mother was around, he didn't know anything about his family.

For 10 years, Dreynis wandered around in Morrowind, asking people at inns and villages, but with no luck. So he decided to return to Wayrest, where he would live for a long time.

Just before the grounding of the Daggerfall Covenant, Dreynis had heard rumors about a band of retired pirates, under the lead of the new commander Tenebris Amour. They had made quite the reputation for themselves. Since he had no family, and no friends, and nowhere to really call home, he decided to seek them out in hope of acceptance.

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