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So eso has been out for bout a month and the forums has been dead for 4 weeks, and there haven't been more than 7 people online at the same time. So im just wondering if you guys are dissapointed with the game so you intend on not playing, or is it that you don't have anytime to play at the moment?

Anyway, I think it's really boring and the game feels like a singleplayer. I'll stay on the guild for some time, but unless there's some improvement I'll probably leave, although i don't want to. 

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Roderick Andros
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I'm worried about the overall success of the game. I'm very happy with it however it seems as though many people who were interested simply havn't purchased it. I would hate to see this game turn into a crappy cash shop, pay to win, free to play. Sadly to many people want it to be F2P and won't play until it is (a number of my friends included).

In terms of the guild I agree and it's only getting worse, the only mod that was frequently playing was Clarus (Yashamon) and his absence has been noted of late for whatever reason. Not blaming Clarus at all i'm just pointing out that there is no managment online of late. I totally understand that people have other commitments that come first (as you should) but you can't ignore the fact that no one's playing and nothing happening within the guild. I guess we will just have to see what happens and hope it picks up.

Also why am I seeing so many guildies with characters on other factions? What are they doing?

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Clarus Ioannis
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Yeah, well, sorry for my inactivity. It's kinda combination of few things here. As you know probably, I had exams (last one this Thursday) and to be honest, game isn't as interesting as i hoped for. Also, i never have long free perdios to play game (it's pointless to play it for anything less than 1 hour).

Biggest problem is that i can't feel my character at all. Unlike in all Elder Scrolls games so far, here i feel like my character is one chess piece, and i'm not controling him. Plus, game's waaaaay to linear. Only choice you haveis to do something or not to do it. But then, if you don't do it you'll miss experience and rewards. So basically, there is almost no difference between two different characters... Chaotic evil one will do everything same as Lawful Good, with 2 or 3 exceptions in every region. Everybody will do same quests, which is stupid imo. I just don't feel like i control anything...

You remember when you left tutorial in any TES game, then wondered where you'll go now? Will you go join guild, freeroam or continue main quest? And then you could switch between them as you liked. Well that doesn't exist here at all. Everybody has to do everything, and that kinda sucks.

I'm really sad that in 99.99% of mmorpgs, you're nothing until you reach max level... Until you do, only thing which is importaint is to reach max level... Story, loot and everything is unimportaint, because once you reach max level nothing of it will matter anymore. I mean, if you can't make proper progression (story, skill and loot) just remove it from game and let us all start at max level.


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Omniel Kavarden
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I play TESO as it would be a Single-Player Game were you meet random other players every here and then. To me there simply is no use for a guild at the moment ( I'm around level 26) because as Clarus allready said - we all have to go trough the same shit first to experience the really interesting part - the endgame.

I enjoy the game because of it's interesting quest ( for a mmo atleast^^) and the unique character development. I'm really looking forward to fighting in Cyrodiil, checked it out once and it was awesome. But when I'm honest, I will probably look for a more active guild when I'm max level if nothing changes here. But as I said - maybe we all have to reach the endgame first for this.


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Sorry i'm heavy loaded at work atm, so got no time to play but i hope to came back on this weekends. Also i agree that there is no activity at forum and in guild chat last time i entered.

ESO is good game but it doesn't make me feeling that i play  MMORPG and Elder Scrolls game. So for me it is not that game i expect, but still it is best option IMO. WoW is dead for me after they made pay2level, SWTOR is dead for me after they get to Freemium, GW2 just isn't my game etc. So i will stay here =).



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Still playing and active.



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Omniel Kavarden
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Dito, had a nice chat yesterday^^

Maybe we should think about tidying up the Guild. I'm not talking about folks who are inactive, but people who clearly see no point in playing ESO anymore. You could forsee that a lot of guys would jump off the game in the first month, but we have to react to that. We need an active leader (or even better, a group of people that feel responsible for the guild) if we want to achieve something later on. I mean Craglorn is coming up tomorrow and some raids, dungeons or some pvp actions would be pretty neat.^^ That is actually the reason why I joined TW to begin with...


”The best techniques are passed on by the survivors.” – Gaiden Shinji

May 22, 2014 at 6:40 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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